Iberian loin 100% acorn

One of the most appreciated meats of the Iberian acorn-fed pork for its quality is the sirloin. These are subjected to processes of artisanal production only. In this way, they give rise to products as unique as the 100% Iberian acorn loin better known as “Pata Negra”. Considered one of the pieces of excellence in the Iberian sausage family, only two units are obtained from each Iberian pig. Obtaining the highest quality when it comes to free-range Iberian pigs, naturally fed on the flowers and acorns of the unique meadows of Guijuelo.
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Iberian "Lombinho" 100% acorn

This Iberian product with an unparalleled flavor melts in the mouth, leaving behind tasty and exquisite aromas, considered a delicacy product for being able to satisfy the most demanding palates. Iberian acorn loin is a very scarce product, as it is only possible to obtain two pieces of 600 gr. of each Iberian pig.
And this is why stocks at producers are very scarce.
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Iberian chorizo ​​100% acorn

We use 100% Iberian pork. These pigs are fed acorns during the fattening season and natural flowers throughout the year, resulting in artisanal sausages and an Iberian chorizo ​​with a perfect natural cure. This type of sausage, so widespread and appreciated by the consumer of cured Iberian products, is obtained thanks to the meadows located in Guijuelo, developing all the processes that transform raw meat into the famous Iberian cured chorizos.
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Our Cheese


Cured Manchego cheese

Our 100% pure sheep's cheese. Minimum cure of 10 to 12 months. Approximate weight of 3 kg.

Pasteurized sheep's milk, lactic ferment, salt and rennet.

Firm and compact cheese, varying in color between white and yellowish ivory, with uneven and irregularly distributed eyes.
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